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Episode 25

Interview: Hanns Paul of Omlet Chicken Coops

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Interviews

On The Coop today, you’ll hear how an education in design and engineering, love of poultry, and an entrepreneurial spirit lead Hanns Paul and his Co-Founders to launch Omlet. Growing from coops to chicken keeping accessories and other pet supplies, Omlet products are now available in Europe, America, Australia, and New Zealand. 

So what happens when you take an age-old concept and totally reimagine it? You get questioned and passed up at trade shows. That didn’t stop four college friends in their quest to revolutionize chicken housing standards, simplifying chicken keeping for urban backyards and bringing farm fresh eggs to the garden. After finishing school they set out to just that…

Hosts & Guests

Hanns Paul
Co-Founder, Omlet

From Meyer Hatchery

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