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Episode 48

5 Common Brooding Mistakes

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Poultry

Today we’re talking about common brooding mistakes! It’s the first step to raising chicks, and one of the most crucial to ensure your flock has a healthy start. What is brooding? It’s a 6 week period in which you assist in raising your chicks by helping them regulate their body temperature. In short, you’re playing mother hen! While the basics of brooding are easy to understand there are small mistakes that could be detrimental. So today, we’re going to cover common brooding mistakes in hopes it will help you avoid them this season!

Hosts & Guests

Kendra + Jeff
From Meyer Hatchery

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  1. Betty Greve

    I do appreciate these podcast. I am new in raising chickens. I am planning on getting some new chicks to add to my little flock of 3 hens. It was a good lesson to hear on brooding. You mentioned something called wry neck. I have heard of that before but I do not know what it is or what causes it. Please tell me about wry neck.


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